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Kim throws a monkey wrench into Trump's peace plans

“The White House brushed aside threats by North Korea on Wednesday to cancel an upcoming summit meeting between President Trump and the North’s leader, Kim Jong-un, saying it was still ‘hopeful’ the meeting will happen — but that Mr. Trump would be fine if it did not.”   []   A funny thing happened on the... Read more »

On the dastardly leaks in Trump's White House

  Huffing and puffing his two orange cheeks, Trump fulminates at the serial leaks. He is anxious, of course, To flush out every source Who describes how inanely he acts and he speaks.  

Springtime in Singapore and the optics of body language

So Kim will meet Trump face to face And Singapore will be the place. I can’t wait to see Just how chummy they’ll be; After shaking hands will they embrace?

On Taylor Swift and Katy Perry's detente

  “It’s official: Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have buried the hatchet. Though Perry has publicly expressed interest in making up with her former rival several times, this time, she finally succeeded after literally extending an olive branch to Swift on the opening night of the ‘Reputation’ singer’s new tour. Swift performed Tuesday at the... Read more »

Questioning Trump's reading of the Iran nuclear agreement

  “President Donald Trump does not read the daily intelligence briefing–which lays out information from around the world–and instead relies on being told the information out loud, according to a new report.”  []   If Trump kills the Iranian deal like some dread With what does he have to replace it instead? It may not... Read more »

Rudy Guiliani and the art of apoplectic sophistry

  ”I don’t like saying this, but it’s not a great deal of money ― $1.3 million is a great deal of money,’ he continued. ‘That’s the kind of money you would think of as a settlement. If I saw $130,000, I would never think it was to settle a substantial claim against my client.'” ... Read more »

On the Trump presidency: When does the camel break its back?

      We haven’t seen his tax returns; He’s lied a myriad times Of mistresses the nation learns; Has he committed high crimes?   He’s added to the Beltway swamp; He savages the rule of  law. At the bits of war he loves to chomp And nothing has been the last straw.    ... Read more »

Hip-Hop in the West Wing

  “This week, Donald Trump and Kanye West became best friends, brought together by their shared “dragon energy” and over the explicit objections of John Legend.”  []   I laughed when I heard this knee-slapper: Donald Trump is best friends with a rapper. Perhaps Kanye West Might  explain it all best: I chill out when... Read more »

The NRA is OK with gun control to protect POTUS and Veep

  ‘DALLAS — Attendees at the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting in Dallas can carry their firearms — except during the forum where President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence speak Friday.” []   There will be no guns when the NRA Assembles to hear Mike Pence. But they want those who teach to... Read more »