On crossing the line



When is Rod Rosenstein going to resign?

It’s said it will be when Trump crosses the line.

But the line keeps on moving

Which seems to be proving

That Trump will not cross it in your life or mine.


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  • Hmm. I get the feeling that Rosenstein is more likely to be fired than to resign. Worse than not rhyming, it would probably happen on a Saturday night. But that's just me being conscious of history.

  • Despite what Adm. Ronnie was told to sign, I think we'll outlast the guy with orangitis.

    But why would we want Rosenstein to resign? If he is to go, Mr. "You're Fired" would have to do so, and then odds are he'll be impeached.

  • I admire your faith that there is still a line, albeit a moving one.

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