Heavy duty in the OR and a rhinoceros named Layla



“She[Layla]would become, for the second time, the first living rhino to undergo a CT scan, and she would have a second, groundbreaking head surgery to deal with a life-threatening infection and sinus blockage resulting from an impacted, unerupted molar.”   [from today’s Chicago Tribune’s A & E section]


There is much I could say

If you asked me  what I know.

And I know now how they

Operate on a rhino.


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  • Thank you. Actually, I think the story's strong on details about how it happened. But thanks for highlighting it -- the people who are against zoos should see this as a wonderful chance to save a rare animal and learn about her at the same time.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    After I followed up your post, I see that my second clause was essentially correct.
    "... and a whole lot of maneuvering of an unconscious pachyderm by zookeepers engaged in what looked like tug of war and, yes, forklifts."

  • "With extreme care. Also maybe with a front end loader."

  • Which reminds me of Hilaire Belloc's verse:

    "I shot the rhinoceros with bullets made of platinum
    Because if I used leaden ones his hide would surely flatten 'em."

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