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Roseanne's punishment fits the crime

  After tweeting  that virulent  racist remark, Roseanne said it was just a bad joke. Which should  tell us quite clearly she’s still in the dark When it comes to respecting black folk.    

In truth Guiliani is no Churchill

“Giuliani said he was concerned that the president would become a target or that the interview would be a perjury trap, because the ‘truth is relative.’ The president’s legal team continues to try to set limitations on an interview, including the duration and questions posed, he said. ‘They may have a different version of the... Read more »

The Mayor of Hammond cycles down the schlong way

  “Hammond Mayor Thomas M. McDermott Jr. reported finding at least 20 simple drawings of male genitalia along the Wolf Lake Bike Pth as he rode home on Tuesday. ‘I’m a big cyclist and as I was coming back through Wolf Lake I blew a tire,’ Mcdermott said. ‘I get off my bike and look... Read more »

On the rake in the Oval Office

  On TV I watched Harvey Weinstein arraigned And though I was heartened by justice attained, It is very sad In the White House a cad, In spite of his lechery,  still has remained.

Mike Pence creeps out shockmeister, Stephen King

  “‘There was something about, too, about Mike Pence that’s creepy,’ King said in an interview with The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert.’And I think it has something to do with the hair. The hair doesn’t look like it has strands. It’s just there. You know, it’s kind of this soap opera. He’s like the mean doctor... Read more »

On crossing the line

  When is Rod Rosenstein going to resign? It’s said it will be when Trump crosses the line. But the line keeps on moving Which seems to be proving That Trump will not cross it in your life or mine.

Slipping the neocon dogs of war on Iran

  It’s Iran that Pompeo says now he will crush And  seems to be threatening war at first blush. The same drumbeats for war We have heard once before When these neocons into Iraq had us rush.  

On pinatas, or how to relieve your political frustrations in Trump world

Trump piñatas a hit across cultures  [headline in Sunday’s Tribune A+E section]   It seems Trump pinatas are now a big thing; From south of the border to maybe Beijing. Until we impeach him, It’s one way to teach him, And if I could do it, I’d take a good swing.

Ruminations on how expediency has trumped integrity in the Republican Party

  They allowed Trump to hide years of income tax forms And break with tradition and all of its norms. So now at this hour He’s abusing his power And we’re left in the wake of his constant sh…tstorms.

Heavy duty in the OR and a rhinoceros named Layla

  “She[Layla]would become, for the second time, the first living rhino to undergo a CT scan, and she would have a second, groundbreaking head surgery to deal with a life-threatening infection and sinus blockage resulting from an impacted, unerupted molar.”   [from today’s Chicago Tribune’s A & E section]   There is much I could say... Read more »