Mr. Pruitt, don't let the door hit you on the way out!



At this moment Trump hasn’t yet cashiered Scott Pruitt

Who is under fire and may not last through it.

He is so corrupt

That the ante’s been upped

On the likelihood Trump will eventually do it.


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  • "On the likelihood Trump will eventually do it." On the other hand:
    1. Pruitt is doing exactly what Orangeman wants to destroy the environment.
    2. Orangeman denied a report that he was going to fire Sessions and make Pruitt A.G. Aside from, except for recusing himself,Sessions has done exactly what Orangeman wants, that would assure another 2 vacant cabinet positions for which is nominees can't be confirmed.

    Basically, though, I take the denials as meaning that Pruitt will be out in about another 2 weeks.

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