Trump's Looking for Mr. Good [who's ever passed the] Bar



As the Russian probe’s gathering steam,

Trump looks for his dream legal team.

He’s been shopping around,

But he hasn’t yet found

Any lawyer whom Mueller won’t cream.




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  • Stormy Daniels wants to be creamed, often in the face.

    Seriously, I don't know what conflict Dan Webb has and he isn't going to tell, but he didin't have any problem directing Winston and Strawn into throwing maybe $30 million into defending George Ryan.

    Also, it looks like Michael Cohen is going to be left hung out to dry.

  • I remember Watergate. Watching Watergate hearings was a favorite pastime of mine. No, I'm not going to say "This is no Watergate"-- it looks like it could be worse.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    We're not going to get the hearings until a Dem. Senate majority in 2019, or enough Rep. Senators not being in fear of polls that say that the current occupant still has 84% approval of those polled who claim to be Reps., but not saying how much that base has eroded.

    But when you get junk like (as mentioned yesterday), Bannon's fingerprints on everything,. a conservative columnist in the Washington Post saying that White House employees have to sign illegal confidentiality agreements, Jared's conflicts of interest, and apparently no prominent lawyer wanting to throw his or her ethical obligations out the window to represent a person who insists on unethical behavior (which I think is Webb's and the other lawyers' concerns), something will eventually hit the fan.

    Getting to another set of hearings, Clinton had his bimbo eruptions, but I don't see any current Reps. seeking the kind of detail that was in the Ken Starr report. Anderson Cooper only got Stormy to admit that she had sex with him once. As I implied above, there is readily available information about Stormy's professional proclivities, including a man wearing a condom while she was bent over a car.

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