On Peggy Noonan, Donald Trump, and the Stone Age




“Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Peggy Noonan on Sunday took issue with President Donald Trump’s assertion that she writes about him like he’s a Neanderthal — defending the prehistoric cave dwellers as organized, with ‘sensibility’ and ‘artistic complexity.'”     [newsmax.com]


Peggy Noonan, Trump claims, had the gall

To accuse him of being a  Neanderthal.

But she says that’s unfair

To the caveman whose lair

Was embellished with art wall to wall.






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  • Keen insight and observation!

  • Very clever. The only art I've heard about in connection with the president is what he claims to be a real Renoir -- a copy (or print) of one of the more famous ones in the Art Institute.

  • Now they’ve disappeared into the hills. The fall of Mosul is a blow to their mystique, and that of radical Islam. As for the Iraqi military, not long ago it was derided as unprofessional and barely loyal to its own country. Now it has succeeded, with the help and encouragement of the U.S., including its special forces.


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