Loyola and a respite from a world gone bonkers



At a time when our government’s mired in badness,

And the evil men do we reflect on with sadness,

It’s then I am grateful

For something not hateful,

Like Loyola’s Ramblers and the games of March Madness.




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  • Beatutifully put. I'm not a basketball supporter most of the time, but I live close enough to Ramblers territory to catch on a bit. I guess I need a playoff team in the spring -- and, as you say, definitely a respite. Thank you,

  • Whoops, I didn't spell beautifully all that beautifully on the first try. I'm getting used to a new keyboard as well as a new team!

  • As they move on they get lower seeds, and this was the first stomping.
    While they only attribute it to Sister Jean, here's a theological question:
    If, as is usually the case, all thanks go to Jesus, what happens when one Big East team beats the snot out of the other?.

  • As far as I'm concerned, both sides should give thanks for getting through their day (and night) safely, I'm going to be fascinated by what may happen, or not, with a game on the day between Good Friday and Easter -- and the final game on the day after Easter.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Let's hope they don't lay a colored egg.

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