Impeach Trump? Be careful what you wish for.



“We would be begging for days of Trump back if Pence became president. He’s extreme. I’m Christian. I love Jesus. But he thinks Jesus tells him to say things.”   Omarosa Manigault, quoted in today’s  Chicago Tribune


If some day we can end the Trump curse,

Omarosa says Pence would be worse.

With his views so extreme,

He, like in a bad dream,

Would all social advances reverse.


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  • 1. With Omarosa out, Trump has lost half of his woman and half of his Black electorate.
    2. A lot of people say Jesus tells them things. I don't listen to any of them.
    3. However, the issue is that the alternative is having to keep someone with psychotic symptoms under control for another 35 months when he won't take his meds. Like does anyone believe that Trump's lawyer paid off Stormy with the lawyer's own money? If Pence has a religious crusade going, Congress won't enact it and the courts would strike it down. Remember, the only reason he is in this position is that he knew he was going to lose the Indiana goober election. Your argument isn't any different from Nixon being safe so long as Agnew was there.

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