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Hope for Trump: A clerihew

      “White House communications director Hope Hicks appeared before the House Intelligence Committee Tuesday for a closed-door interview related to Russian interference in the 2016 election, but refused to answer questions about her time in the White House, according to Republicans and Democrats on the panel.”   []   Hope Hicks Is in a... Read more »

In the wake of Parkland, Trump's delusions of grandeur

  “President Donald Trump said Monday he would have stormed into the Florida high school to stop the gunman perpetrating the nation’s latest mass shooting ‘even if I didn’t have a weapon’ as he lambasted the inaction of a sheriff’s deputy assigned to the school.”   [CNN]   The president’s  boasted with shocking bravado He would... Read more »

Donald Trump Jr. looks into the face of abject poverty and remains clueless

  Donald Junior on business in India a while Said that he was impressed by the poor who would smile. His comment just shows What the whole world knows That the president’s family lives in denial.

Let's vote the NRA surrogates out of Congress

[Steve Sack of Star Tribune]     Some people believe many guns will  protect them And with millions of rounds they’re OK to inject them. But it’s time to refute Those with NRA loot And resoundingly to unelect them.    

Trump's address at CPAC goes awry, bald spot and all

  Whenever the president goes off the script, Off message, and both teleprompters has skipped, He rambles and rants By the seat of his pants, And sounds very much like his gears have  been slipped.

Ivanka tanka

  In South Korea, Ivanka represents us. No ambassador, No diplomat, no expert, Ivanka? Give us a break.     Author’s note: This is my 1900th post. Excelsior!

On weaponizing teachers

  To protect  all our students from gunfire harms Trump says he’d consider that teachers bear arms. But I can’t envision With any precision The effect this would have on recruiting schoolmarms.          

On press briefings: A clerihew

  Sarah Huckabee Sanders Often meanders. She’s a very good dancer Around every answer.  

Mitt Romney sells out to Trump

    Mitt Romney, about you I care not a whit For accepting Trump’s nod in the Senate to sit. Once you called him a phony, But that was baloney. The high ground you stand on’s a pile of sh_t.

Our children may lead us in the fight against gun violence and its enablers

  The sun is arising upon a new day; It’s  piercing through clouds o’er Trump’s dark land. A new generation of leaders array, The gun violence victims of Parkland.