Trump's spiritual advisor a self-serving rainmaker



“Paula White, a Pentecostal televangelist and chair of Trump’s evangelical advisory board, released a video on her ministry’s website in which she urged her followers to donate money to her ministry as an offering of their ‘first fruits’ of the new year to God, saying that if they did not, there would be spiritual consequences, according to Newsweek. White tells her viewers to honor God by giving whatever amount of money is proportional to how much they believe in God’s faithfulness to bless them for their donation, whether that amount is their whole salary for a day, week, or even month”  [].


Trump is getting advice for his soul

From a woman whose flock pays a toll.

She scares them as well

With the prospects of hell

And prosperity (hers!) as the goal.



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  • The impression I got is that this isn't any different from any other preacher on channels 57.1, 62.1, and 62.2, including the ones who mispronounce Hebrew terms. Mitt was supposed to tithe 10%, too.

    Also, she being on his evangelical board doesn't mean he goes to her for spiritual advice. Reports were that he went to an Episcopal church for Christmas. I'm sure her advice is on how to keep the dotards worshiping the self-made diety, Trump.

  • In reply to jack:

    Yes, that's true. But she has the president's ear...and who knows what else.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    From what I can tell, his ear isn't worth much, unless the person is telling him how to keep support of the yahoos and chefs (which, of course, follow these preachers). The Washington Post has several commentaries on that today.

  • She has her reward.

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