The specter of a landslide in November palls the Republican future



One thing that is certain from cradle to grave

Whom the Fates do a number on nothing can save.

The midterms are coming

Will kismet be drumming

The GOP out with a blue tidal wave?


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  • Last time makes me not want to predict, but it only takes 2 Senate seats to stop the McConnell dysfunction, and I don't think Sheriff Joe is going to get one of them.

    In the meantime, it appears that Rebekah Whoever has muzzled some troll's hero. Its click count and Google fed advertising are down, too.

  • Don't count your victories before they're confirmed!

  • In reply to HHH Is My Hero:

    Roy Moore did say that, but he also said that G-d was going to take care of things.

  • Great post! Love the image, too....

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