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Thoughts on a previous life

  “The idea that people are born and reborn ― that we all have had past lives ― dates back at least 3,000 years. Discussions of the subject can be found in the ancient traditions of India, Greece, and the Celtic Druids, and reincarnation is a common theme among New Age philosophies.”  [Stephen Wagner, ‘9 Signs... Read more »

A Wolff at Trump's door

  By  “Fire and Fury” the President’s riled; In the throes of a tantrum, he acts like a child. From hour to hour His face wears a glower, And none can remember the last time he smiled.

On vacation the Pences see a sign of the times

  “Vice President Mike Pence got a chilly reception in ski country this week when a multicolored flag stating ‘Make America Gay Again’ was draped at the end of the driveway of the home he is staying near in Aspen.”[]   Opposed to same-sex couples’ claspin’ The Pences vacationed in Aspen. Everything was just fine Till... Read more »

"It's so cold in Florida"...I accept your challenge, jack.

  “I’m sure you can do something with this one: It’s so cold in Florida, iguanas are falling out of trees.”  [a comment from jack on my post ‘On the travails of winter’]   In New York and Boston they freeze Because of sub-zero degrees. And in Florida, bats Hang with shivering lats, And iguanas... Read more »

A president who doesn't read should be reason to bag our heads

“After writing that Mr Trump came to be seen as someone who ‘didn’t read’ and ‘was no more than semi-­literate”’, Mr Woolf quotes Ms Walsh saying dealing with Mr Trump was “’ike trying to figure out what a child wants.'”   Jeremy B. White     Semi-literate Trump is unfit To be president, so he should... Read more »

On the travails of winter

  Old Man Winter  grips us with his stranglehold might. We must  dress to the gills to avoid a frostbite. Each day we awake But  we don’t get a break, And the morn is much  worse than the previous night.

Look. Up in the sky. It's the moon.

  We have heroes of iron and heroes of steel; Some drawn from the comics; some from a cartoon; Some decked with gold medals, who were very real; But none more outstanding  than Superman Moon.  

On the joys and perils of ordinary conversations

  Whenever we meet for a chat And  talk about this or on that, It’s sports or the weather That binds us together Or breaks us apart in a spat.