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A few takeaways from Trump's State of the Union

  Trump praises the border patrol and the cops; They’re among all the guests who are serving as  props. He’ll deal with the drugs And the Mexican thugs, And, of course, his tax cuts will help mom and pop shops.        

Ryan, McConnell, the Memo, and the Trumpian Fifth column

  The FBI’s under attack. We must all gird our loins and fight back. The Republicans help To save Mr. Trump’s scalp; Is there any who isn’t a hack?

How will Trump weather Stormy?

  A porn star whose stage name is Stormy Said to Trump, “Was there someone before me?” “Yes, my dear, not a few, Although none sweet as you, And Melania happens to bore me.”  

Why Evangelicals wink at Trump's adulterous affairs

  “Anti-gay pastor Tony Perkins is waving off President Trump’s Twitter rants and ongoing scandals, including his alleged affair with adult film actress Stormy Daniels, and saying that evangelical Christians have found someone who can provide ‘the leadership we need at this time, in our country and in our culture.'”   []   The Christian Right... Read more »

The inscrutable Mueller

  On Trump’s ties to Russia who knows what’s in store. Though pundits conjecture Trump’s clean or done for. While the parties debate If the facts catenate, It’s safe to suspect that Bob Mueller knows more.

Mortifying Melania is no way to treat a First Lady

  “Melania Trump won’t be attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and some are speculating that her cancellation is a ‘subliminal message’ to her husband, Donald Trump    For one thing, it came on their 13th wedding anniversary, and Inside Edition notes that the first lady has kept a low profile since the allegations that her husband paid... Read more »

Wilbur Ross: The Big Sleeper

“A source I had contacted about something more important responded that not only has Wilbur Ross fallen asleep at every meeting he’s been in with source, but that he drools – and uses his tie to clean it up.”   [Eliana Y. Johnson]   Secretary of Commerce, for now Wilbur Ross, Is to Trump an expendable... Read more »

Donald Trump: solecism-in-chief in the national discourse

  The sixth of commandments he’s broken, no doubt. A serial liar, a bigoted lout. We should deal with this predator Like a newspaper editor Whose job is to blue-pencil expletives out.

A yoga matter?

  Of yoga I never have taken much note; And whenever I did, had no time to devote. But last morn on TV What I saw fit with me; Even more than  compatible with an old goat.

Compromise was the midwife of America

To compromise both sides must give And  find a common ground. That’s how democracies  live And justice will abound.