On corporal punishment



“’Spanking makes children’s behavior worse,’ lead author Elizabeth T. Gershoff told me when the study came out. ‘It has the opposite effect than what parents want: It doesn’t make children better-behaved, and it doesn’t teach children right from wrong. It’s not related to immediate compliance, and it doesn’t make children behave better in the future.'”  [Heidi Stevens, “Nothing wrong with spanking?” Think again, in the Chicago Tribune Life and Style Sunday Magazine, January 14, 2018]


More out of fashion than phones that are dialed

Is the Biblical practice of spanking a child.

It is written that  God

Advocated the rod,

But He surely did mean to be sparing and mild.




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  • Wasn't Corporal Punishment a supply clerk at the Battle of Gettysburg?

    About all I remember about it was that once I figured out how to break the wooden spoon, my mother quit doing it. But I wonder if the more recent "that's inappropriate" works, either.

  • Hmmm. Maybe the proverb (I read the citation) means People Should spare the rod and spoil the child(ren).

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    Washington Post: Study finds 7 Southern states = 80% of in-school corporal punishment in US: MS, TX, AL, AR, GA, TN, OK The states where teachers still beat kids #SchoolSpanking is #SexualViolence #MeToo #HR160 #ACEs #BULLYING #EducationMalpractice #SpareTheRod

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