Trump is a Nativist who doesn't understand the Nativity



“At Thursday night’s annual Christmas tree lighting at the White House, the president recounted the birth of Jesus by saying it ‘begins 2,000 years ago with a mother, a father, their baby son.'”  []



Besides being what I call a consummate liar,

Trump now says that Joseph was Jesus’s sire.

But the seed that did burgeon

In the womb of the Virgin

Is the God of the carols and the heavenly choir.


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  • I leave to you and Dennis Byrne who was the "father" and what Joseph's role was.

    I previously noted that Maury once said to a mother of 2 after a paternity test excluded 9 men: "there is only one recorded instance of virgin birth, and this isn't it."

    But given that the Chabad is having a National Menorah Lighting on Dec. 12, it's going to be real fun to see what da Donald is going to do then.

  • Well put, thou good and faithful writer. Can we expect any deep thoughts from this president?

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