Secretary of the Treasury Mnuchin is surprised by holiday drop-ins




“Robby Strong told he dropped off the box of horse manure at Mnuchin’s house as an ‘act of political theater’ to hammer home the point that ‘Republicans have done nothing for the American worker.'”  []


Steve Mnuchin was sent some manure;

It was not from a fan, I am sure.

No harm was intended,

But it must have offended

The bespectacled entrepreneur.




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  • As what was pointed out when I made the prior reference, someone called Beverly Hills Cop saying it was a bomb.
    I also see you depicted both ends of the horse in the illustrations.

  • Proof at last -- you can make a poem out of anything!

  • Interesting, though, that this article says that Goldman Sachs is taking a $5 billion write down because of repatriation taxes. I guess Mnuchin didn't take care of his peeps.

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