Politicizing Christmas: Trump's worst lie



“A pro-Trump nonprofit says it is spending $1 million to air a new pro-Trump ad that concludes with a little girl saying, “Thank you President Trump for letting us say ‘Merry Christmas’ again!”America First Policies — a group including Trump’s digital and data director Brad Parscale, freshly-indicted former deputy campaign manager Rick Gates, and former Mike Pence campaign advisers — says the “ad blitz” will begin on Christmas day.” [thinkprogress.org]


From North Pole to South Pole,

Crisscrossing the isthmus again,

Why should you and I thank Trump

We can wish “Merry Christmas” again?




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  • It's part of they don't want to be the politically correct saying Happy Holidays. The language hypocrisy was discussed on Chicago Weather Watch. But I don't know what they say to Ivanka on the way to the Mikveh and the only ads I saw were for a Firefox upgrade, a State Farm agent that wasn't my former one, Takis (featuring Ginger Phile), and some Showtime movie called Chi, which I figured out when there was a scene on 71st St of the Metra Electric.

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