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New Year's cerebrations: 2018

  On life’s end, the young seldom do dwell; Nor obsess on the length of its leases. But the old think of heaven and hell, And start days with the obits and peaces.

On holiday gift cards I failed to redeem

  I admit putting off till tomorrow, With regret and a smidgen of sorrow. There are gift cards I tossed Or forever are lost Like a climber on Kilimanjaro.  

On Melania's Christmas selfie

  She’s dressed in red cap, with her lips luscious  candy, Melania’s holiday selfie’s quite randy. The phrase ‘Christmas bells’ Doesn’t mean ‘sexy gals.’ Did the First Lady drink too much brandy?  

Secretary of the Treasury Mnuchin is surprised by holiday drop-ins

  “Robby Strong told he dropped off the box of horse manure at Mnuchin’s house as an ‘act of political theater’ to hammer home the point that ‘Republicans have done nothing for the American worker.'”  []   Steve Mnuchin was sent some manure; It was not from a fan, I am sure. No harm... Read more »

On Trump's obsession with Mueller's investigation

The intelligence agencies all have concluded When Trump was elected the Russians intruded. He this won’t  admit, It makes him illegit, And much worse it might  prove he colluded.  

Politicizing Christmas: Trump's worst lie

  “A pro-Trump nonprofit says it is spending $1 million to air a new pro-Trump ad that concludes with a little girl saying, “Thank you President Trump for letting us say ‘Merry Christmas’ again!”America First Policies — a group including Trump’s digital and data director Brad Parscale, freshly-indicted former deputy campaign manager Rick Gates, and... Read more »

Christmas Eve at Mar-a-Lago

  On this night before Christmas, the President’s fold In their sleep will  have visions of  dancing bankrolls; When they wake in the morn, they’ll find socks full of gold, With never a thought of our stockings with coals.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act lines the deepest pockets

  Trump claims the new tax law for him is no boon. Which is hard to imagine since he’s a tycoon. For most the remittance Will be just a pittance But not for those, like Trump, born with a gilt spoon.

The carols I long to hear

  Will you sing the old Christmasy carol? O Come All Ye Faithful and more; They sang of the night sky’s apparel And the choirs of angels galore. They shed light on the manger so clearly; On the sheep open-eyed ’round the hay. So  tender my heart glows sincerely That  there I would traverse and... Read more »

How to break the GOP's monolithic ideological stranglehold on democracy

  They suppress the vote and gerrymander. So the battle’s uphill; thus, in candor, We must admit if we’re to beat them, We absolutely must unseat them.