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Theresa May slaps Trump's little hands

“UK Prime Minister Theresa May has said Donald Trump was “wrong” to retweet posts from a British far-right group.”  []   Though supporters of Trump aren’t fond Of the British beyond the wide pond, I am glad P.M. May Said Trump’s tweets went astray And have damaged our mutual bond.        

The "Me, Too" juggernaut tramples Matt Lauer

  I got out of bed at my usual hour And found NBC had just fired Matt Lauer. Whoever the hero, Our tolerance is zero For the sexual offender who exploits his power.

On the GOP version of Tax Reform

  The Republicans say they must pass a tax bill Since they’ve done hardly anything else on the Hill. But their bill is a mash For the folks with most cash And an affluent raid on the federal till.

Trump's troika of hobbies

  “Junk food, television, and golf are his [Trump’s] ways to cool down.”  Christopher Bedford, author of “Art of the Donald” on Book TV, October 31, 2017     To chill out Trump watches a lot of TV, Especially Fox and its bunk. And when he’s not watching, he’s on the golf course, Or eating... Read more »

This rite of fatherhood unnerved Donald Trump

“President Donald Trump’s first wife Ivana said he never changed diapers or played sports with his children while they were growing up.”   []     When his children were infants and would take a dump, Their diapers were changed by Ivana, not Trump. So this rattler of sabers Who threatens our neighbors Couldn’t deal with... Read more »

Can Trump's base handle this whopper: It wasn't him on the Access Hollywood tape?

    “Donald Trump has resolutely refused to withdraw his support from Senate candidate Roy Moore, even in the wake of the sexual harassment and assault accusations leveled against Moore—and the unflattering comparisons many have drawn between descriptions of Moore’s behavior and the infamous Access Hollywood tape in which Trump himself bragged that, because he... Read more »

Trump takes a holier-than-thou position while teeing up on Obama

About 40 times this year has Trump Given balls on golf courses a bump. When Obama had flings On the links with some swings Trump would hook and slice him on the stump.  

Let's face it. There's a lot not to be thankful for.

  What not to be thankful for on Thanksgiving Day: A contrarian’s top ten list #10 Inattentive drivers #9 Mind-numbing movies #8 Discourteous shoppers #7 Robocalls and telemarketers #6 The flu season #5 Bed bugs and other vermin #4 Natural disasters, including forest fires, tornadoes, and hurricanes (no matter what you call them) #3 The... Read more »

When the reckoning for Trump's sexual misconduct will finally happen

    It’s been more than a year ago Trump got the nod Despite being a  sexual predator. He fooled many voters, but cannot fool God Who on Judgment Day will be the Editor.

How Trump rationalizes his support of Roy Moore

  “’Is an accused child molester better than a Democrat?’” a reporter asked. ‘Well, he denies it; he denies it,’ Trump replied, then pivoted/deflected: ‘I mean, if you look at what’s really going on, and you look at all the things that have happened over the last 48 hours, he totally denies it. He says... Read more »