On Trump's reaction to Mueller's indictments



In the White House, it’s said, Trump is fuming

O’er charges made and charges looming.

He’s many a jitter

And silent on Twitter,

But our luck will run short.   I’m assuming.


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  • Those first four lines we're absolutely delightful!

    I hope you are not soon writing a ditty with a word which rhymes with "pardon" but with this guy, who knows?

  • However even as his message went out to more than 41 million devotees, news rose that the experts were unlocking another case that described how a youthful outside approach counsel put in months.
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  • 1. AOL says "you got spam."
    2. Unfortunately he was not silent on Twitter.

  • It was a hilarious reaction when trump reacted on that topic and I must say this painting shows everything in it.
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