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Trump's denial of knowing Papadopoulos is highly implausible

“President Trump on Tuesday belittled George Papadopoulos, the former foreign policy adviser who tried to broker connections between Trump campaign and Russian officials, as a “young, low level volunteer” as he sought to distance himself and his campaign from the special counsel’s investigation.” [Philip Rucker, The Washington Post]   With a name like a curator at... Read more »

On Trump's reaction to Mueller's indictments

  In the White House, it’s said, Trump is fuming O’er charges made and charges looming. He’s many a jitter And silent on Twitter, But our luck will run short.   I’m assuming.

Mueller's first shot across Trump's bow

  The initial indictment’s been sealed by the court; It comes at a time of the greatest import. I fervently wish It will  hook a big fish On the scale and the size of a Paul Manafort.

My sense of humor

  My own sense of humor’s a source of much fun; A defense mechanism when under the gun. Though my aunt calls it ‘dry’ I prefer the word ‘wry’ And I like just about any plausible pun.

The GOP gins up another conspiracy to cover up Trump's collusion with Russia

  “The Republican-led probe from Nunes and oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina concerns a 2010 uranium deal that was struck between the US and Russia while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state. President Donald Trump and other Republicans have accused the Russian uranium company of donating to the Clinton Foundation in an effort... Read more »

The shoe fits, O'Reilly. Wear it.

  Down the primrose path that he has trod, Bill O’Reilly is angry at God. It has long been his game That we all accept blame. So for him to disclaim it is odd.  

Where are you, General Kelly? It's inappropriate to hide.

  Has anybody here seen Kelly? K-E-double L-Y. At a restaurant table or deli? Has anybody here seen Kelly? I’d like to ask about his sally, That empty-barrel barefaced lie. Has anybody here seen Kelly? K-E-double L-Y?  

Lying, General Kelly, is no way to treat a lady

  It demeans you John Kelly to be Trump’s apologist; It’s like wearing no gloves if you are a proctologist. In the case of Miss Wilson, you owe an apology, A virtue eclipsed in this White House cosmology.

On the subject of women, General Kelly has a blind spot

  “When I was a kid growing up a lot things were sacred in our country. Women were sacred, looked upon with great honor.”  [John Kelly, at press briefing]   John Kelly remembers when women were sacred; When men, of course, set  the agenda. But strangely forgets that his boss is profane And bragged about... Read more »

Let's face it. We owe Trump to our Constitution

  We celebrate our Founders in speeches and song; They gave us a nation that’s lasted quite long. But we have to acknowledge Their Electoral College Was something they all got so friggingly wrong.