Guess who's coming to dinner (with Trump): A triolet



Tonight Trump is dining with Nancy;

She will be escorted by Chuck.

The entree will be rich and  fancy.

Tonight Trump is dining with Nancy.

To McConnell and Ryan it’s chancy;

Will Trump once again pass the buck?

Tonight Trump is dining with Nancy

She  will be escorted by Chuck.



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  • Was also a report that Trump had dinner with moderate Dem. and Rep. senators (at least Dem. senators from states he won) over tax reform.
    This one is supposedly over the Dream Act. So did Trump mean what he said that he wanted an Act?
    Some reports are that Trump is reverting to his dealer side, after reliance on the Tea Baggers didn't work. Chef thought he was preparing the banquet, but will upChuck it.

  • And late tonight a report that Donnie, Chuck and Nancy came to an agreement on Dreamers, although Huckabee Jr. denies that excluding the wall was part of it. Rest of the report was that various Republican Senators soiled their Depends.

  • Reported around, something from Ann Coulter on which we can all agree:

  • Another one on which we can all agree Trump called Sessions an ‘idiot’. However, like the Ann Coulter statement, the rest of us not for the same reason.

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