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Assail Price

  Private jet travel  on tax-payers’ dime Is chiefly unthinkable  most of the time. When something’s so costly, then it should suffice less. That’s why HHS is deservedly priceless.  

On Paul Ryan's ubiquitous smirk

  When Paul Ryan is surely unwary, He resembles the cat who just  ate the canary. Pardon me if this sounds rather crass, But I wonder if he’s passing gas.

President Trump channels Captain Obvious

  “How far away is Puerto Rico, from President Donald Trump’s perspective? ‘This is an island sitting in the middle of an ocean. And it’s a big ocean, it’s a very big ocean,’ he said, on Tuesday morning, before a meeting with House members.”  []   The Atlantic Ocean’s very big; It’s also deep and... Read more »

Assessing the Republican primary in Alabama

  “In the first skirmish of the coming fight for the soul of the Republican Party, polls have opened in the Alabama special election to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the Senate. Republicans face a choice between Sessions’s appointed replacement, former state attorney general Luther Strange, and former Alabama Supreme Court judge Roy Moore.”  ... Read more »

Mr. Trump, be a cool cat and not a 'frightened dog'

  Mr. President,  cease and desist your insults. They’re rarely effective or  have good results. If you fling mud at Kim, It will never change  him. It may only precipitate all  his worst  faults.

On Melania's ADdress at the UN

  At the UN Melania’s voice was too soft. It was harder to hear her when somebody coughed. She wore a Delpozo in front of the crowd; Its  shoulders too large and its color too loud.

On Trumpcare 2.0 : Jimmy Kimmel got it right

  The Republican Party’s the party of wealth; It shows less care for others including their health. If this weren’t the  case Than why should it replace The Adjustable Care Act so swiftly in stealth?    

No thanks, Florida. Hurricanes are not for me

  Some go down to Florida And live in their trailers; They come, the landlubbers, And end up as sailors.

Color Trump unsuited for the job

      Trump was critical once of Obama For failing to dress presidential. To avoid a sartorial trauma, Trump assumed suit and tie were essential But the suit should be monochromatic Both the jacket and pants the same hue. Otherwise it would smack of dogmatic Not to do what you tell one to do.... Read more »

On coexisting with North Korea

  North Korea and we’re on the edge of the brink. Each side seems persuaded the other will  blink. But remember when ‘sane’ meant The use of containment* And diplomacy worked all our leaders did think?   *a policy of creating strategic alliances in order to check the expansion of a hostile power or ideology... Read more »