Condemning white nationalism in Charlottesville, Trump sounds mealymouthed



In Charlottesville, white nationalists

Displayed their racism with fists.

Does Trump call them out

For the hatred they spout?

No, his words are a slap on their wrists.





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  • Seems more a car used by an Ohio neo-Nazi taking inspiration from ISIS.

    Substantively, this is a repeat of the JCC episode where Ivanka tweeted something and the replies were "why don't you tell your father that?" The "on many sides" and 'Lets come together as one!" showed up again, and I said previously, if he wants us to come together, maybe he should offer something to the majority. However, we know that he knows his power base are the folks who started the Charlottesville rally.He's not going to throw those who express the kind of stuff that Chef also does under the bus.

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