Trump's odd defense of Donald Jr.





My beloved son Donald’s a very good kid

Though at times, I admit, he’s soft under the lid

So he met with our foe

(Of which I didn’t know),

Nonetheless, I’d have done what he did.

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  • Daddy can't throw sonny under the gold plated 40 foot limo, nor admit that there was anything wrong with the way the nannies raised him.

    However, I'm surprised you didn't go into the more substantive "what other/all campaigns do this," i.e. consort with the KGB for opposition research and leave teed off that this lawyer didn't have any dirt. Is there a campaign that consorted with Kim Jung Un?

  • In reply to jack:

    Do the Kims even know about campaigns? Just wondering!

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    I don't know if they rely on espionage or just anti-aircraft guns. Kim must be getting something from Rodman.

  • Sometimes I think I'd like to be in the room serving tea to them to find out what they're saying... and then I realize who I'm thinking that about, and sanity returns.

  • At least Donald Trump Sr. in his defense of his son helps us see more clearly the tree from which the apple didn't fall very fall.

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