Trump's feather brainstorm: Coordinating intelligence with Russia on cybersecurity




“President Donald Trump floated, then seemingly disavowed, a deal for greater cybersecurity cooperation with Russia — an idea that drew dismay and mockery from lawmakers of both parties, and which numerous cyber analysts warned could even make the U.S. less secure.”  []


For cybersecurity Trump has a fix

Agreeing with Putin our spydoms should mix.

This is something to deem

A pathetic pipe dream

Like a fox in the hen house  safeguarding the chicks.



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  • If there were true cybersecurity, how could Dumb Donald get dirt on Hillary from some Russian lawyer? And retweet dumb garbage?

  • As Refugee pointed out in a recent comment, what choice does Trump have? When the chicken coup guard is incompetent, as Trump has said of the U.S. intelligence community, you have to pick someone who knows about chicken coups. What better selection than the Fox? After all, companies hire hackers to test cybersecurity. The chickens may be collateral damage, but Hey, look at the principle of the thing.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    When Best Buy was giving out Kaspersky, I read that it did bad things to the root of the hard drive and didn't take it (also I had been previously conned by its offer for some Microsoft web service, which billed my credit card even though I didn't authorize it and never installed it). Ukraine just seized a computer which it said was a victim but a propagator of the latest trojan. In short, no reason to give the Russians a back door.

    Same thing goes for the voting list, which the head of the commission that demanded it (the Kansas Secretary of State) admitted that turning Kansas's over would violate state law. Again, hypocrites.

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