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No holiday for Nikki Haley

“Spending my 4th in meetings all day. #ThanksNorthKorea”  [Nikki Haley on Twitter]   Kim Jong Un spoiled my 4th, wailed Haley. I need time from the stress I have  daily. Though I know Un has none, Shouldn’t I have some fun Till the next crisis with the Israeli?  

Chris Christie clears the beaches for himself

  In Jersey the beaches were closed by the state. Except for the governor, Christie, his mate. And a bevy of  kin. All got sun on their skin. A scandal of course we might  call “Whalegate”.

Trump's obsession with female blood

  Trump tweets, and there’s outrage  in wake of the reading; The venom he spews shows he’s lacking good breeding. But despite all the blow back, I’m sure he will go back To stab women’s hearts then assert  they are  bleeding.