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Trump fends off the truth with this default defense mechanism

  No matter in what way you take news Or think of the people who make news, Do not take the bait Should the president state That the facts that confront him are fake news.  

Donald Junior is caught in a tangled web

  “Oh, what a tangled web we weave When first we practice to deceive.”      Sir Walter Scott     We’re still learning who was at that June ’16 meeting. It now seems there may have been eight. Whatever we’re told, it does bear the repeating, The versions will only mutate.        

Trump's odd defense of Donald Jr.

      My beloved son Donald’s a very good kid Though at times, I admit, he’s soft under the lid So he met with our foe (Of which I didn’t know), Nonetheless, I’d have done what he did.

With one exception, Trump's a resounding flop

  Here it’s July and just what has Trump done? Has he kept every promise on which he did run? OK… [primal scream]… He replaced a  Supreme. What other achievements?  Zip, nada, nil, none.

Trump's feather brainstorm: Coordinating intelligence with Russia on cybersecurity

    “President Donald Trump floated, then seemingly disavowed, a deal for greater cybersecurity cooperation with Russia — an idea that drew dismay and mockery from lawmakers of both parties, and which numerous cyber analysts warned could even make the U.S. less secure.”  []   For cybersecurity Trump has a fix Agreeing with Putin our... Read more »

Vis a vis Putin, Trump lives to grovel

  After all that he’s said, how can one think it odd That the Donald is under control of the Vlad. If Putin’d tell Trump “Through this hoop you must jump,” He’d obey as if it were commanded by God.    

Meddling? Schmeddling. Let's make nice with Russia.

  The hacking by Russia?  Tough row to be hoed? So what does  the Putin-Trump meeting now bode? It seems we won’t go Back to dig up that  row, But instead kick the can down the road.  

Putin and Trump: Hype morphs into Hope

  I don’t know if Putin or Trump got his way At the end of their two-hour meeting today. If we listen to Rex, See it through rosy specs And just let the chips fall where they may.    

The optics of Trump's European trip before meeting Putin

  With Merkel and Macron Trump’s schmoozin’ While the fact Putin hacked still refusin’. He was  welcomed by Duda As if he were Buddha, And from all of his pores charm is oozin’.

On Trump's rendezvous with Putin

  To the fire the press holds Trump’s feet; Though he calls it fake news in his tweet. In Hamburg each query May heighten his fury After Putin and he finally meet.