On repeal and replace, McConnell speaks with a forked tongue



The secret health bill is now up for debate;

And no one is certain what will be its fate.

If the CBO’s right

In its gloomy foresight,

The uninsured millions more won’t celebrate.




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  • Reports are that it was forked, 43-57. McCain provided the 50th vote to start debate, and then stuck a knife in it.

  • You mention a "secret health bill." As Jack points out there doesn't seem to any longer be a health bill at all, secret or otherwise. McConnell seems to be flailing around trying to mold a piece of slime that will stick when he throws it against the wall.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    And basically just a procedural stratagem. In the House,Roskam and Hultgren were quoted as saying that they didn't want to be the marginal Republicans blamed for not passing something, resulting in a 217-213 vote instead of a tie, and the Senate would fix it. Now the reports are that the Senate wants to move anything just to get it to a conference committee. It looks doubtful that the votes are there even to do that.

  • In reply to jack:

    And the partial repeal plan, the second bill, just went down, 45 yes to 55 no. But McConnell is molding slime.

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