Meddling? Schmeddling. Let's make nice with Russia.



The hacking by Russia?  Tough row to be hoed?

So what does  the Putin-Trump meeting now bode?

It seems we won’t go

Back to dig up that  row,

But instead kick the can down the road.



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  • It's diplomacy. Trump generously accepted Putin's denial that Russia meddled in the 2016 U.S. election and chose to move on. It doesn't matter that Trump has denied that Russia meddled anyway, or that moving on meant agreeing on how Putin could help Trump in the next election.

  • What other choice does Trump have? Should he stand up, slap him and call him a liar? And as Putin said, show me proof. No one has really done that. We've recently found that the "17 agencies agree" line that has been repeated ad nauseum by pundits and Senators (D) is another in a long line of fake stories.

  • In reply to refugee:

    And what is your evidence that the intelligence reports are "fake stories"? Trump's opinion?

  • In reply to refugee:

    It is true that all 17 were not directly involved in making the assessment, but can you point to a single one that disagrees with it?

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