Made in the U.S.A.? Trump should put his money where his mouth is



‘American Made’ Trump asserts he’s behind;

But on most of his brands there is none of the kind.

Ivanka’s a line o’

Fine clothes made in China

And there made in sweatshops his ties you will find.






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  • Just more of the con. Similar is that they had CNN on at Dunkin Donuts and the banner was "REP:TRUMP PLAYS WITH FIRE TRUCK WHILE HEALTH CARE BILL GOES DOWN." Again, is that a bad thing?

    The made in America hypocrisy was exposed a year ago, but we know someone who bought it.

    In the meantime there was an argument whether the administration allowed too many or too few H-2B visas. I thought this administration claimed it was for jobs for Americans, not those furriners.

  • The same could be said of Trump's election. He can claim he won the American popular vote, but evidence is trending that it was made in Russia.

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