Kudos to McCain, but these heroic women deserve hosannas too



McCain gave the skinny repeal thumbs down

While McConnell, armed folded, replied with a frown.

Two women who’d fix it

With courage did nix it.

Let Murkowski and Collins share in the renown.






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  • Agreed. And if Donald Trump were a rational man, he would regret having Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke threaten Murkowski before the vote. It doesn't seem you help yourself with either of these women by threatening them.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    "If Donald Trump were a rational man." That ship saled long ago. He reportedly just had a tweet storm about the filibuster, even though this was on some rule that only required 51 votes and it went down 49-51.

    At this point, only the thug thinks he can threaten anyone.

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