Sleep may be at a premium on Trump's first overseas trip



“At one point, he barked at an aide that he thought his first tour abroad should be only about half as long. He will have to abandon his well-known preference for sleeping in his own bed (or in one at the hotels or golf resorts he owns) as he hops between Saudi Arabia, Israel, Belgium, Italy and the Vatican — all places without a Trump-branded property.”    []


On a junket of nine days while still very deep in it,

Without his own bed and unable to leap in it,

Trump will rest his bronze crown

In a strange foreign town

And hope he’ll be able to get any sleep in it.


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  • I guess I was wrong about staying all in his resorts. But since he continues to tweet in the middle of the night, does he sleep, or is he a vampire?
    I'm also surprised he's going to the Vatican, but maybe it is to inform Pope Francis personally (as he has done at a distance), who the true God is.

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