Pope considers a weighty issue with Melania Trump



“‘What do you give him to eat, potizza?’ the Pope asked[Melania Trump] the svelte ex-model, referring to a dessert from her native country.”  [nypost.com]


The Pope asked Trump’s wife what she feeds him;

For his  gut is much like  a wide-waist tree.

Well, he eats steak, cheeseburgers and pizza

But not much Slovenian pastry.







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  • Ooh-- Good one, AW!

  • Probably one of those whipped cream things from Tony's European bakery section. But Trump eats more of chef's Doktorskaya.

    Since Kelly said something would be "a good thing," maybe they get their pastries from Martha Stewart.

    The Pope must be very learned to know the name of a Slovenian dessert.

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