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After having criticized Obama for bowing to the Saudi king, Trump does the same

  When Obama did bow to Arabia’s king, Trump thought at the time it a terrible thing. But when Trump does the bending, It isn’t offending. But only his way of negotiating.

Sleep may be at a premium on Trump's first overseas trip

  “At one point, he barked at an aide that he thought his first tour abroad should be only about half as long. He will have to abandon his well-known preference for sleeping in his own bed (or in one at the hotels or golf resorts he owns) as he hops between Saudi Arabia, Israel,... Read more »

The metrics of impeachment: the special counsel

  It seems there’s enough to impeach; A conclusion yet many don’t reach. Now appointed, Bob Mueller With no partisan color Will measure Trump’s actions and speech.

Trump's surrogates try to defend the indefensible

  President Trump has been under a cloud; Each day a new crisis increases the crowd. The most recent demo Is James Comey’s memo; The result is Trump’s team is more bullied and cowed.

Trump tells the Russians our secrets. Is impeachment around the corner?

  Every action of Trump’s consequential. That he use common sense is essential But to give to our foe What a source let use know Is beyond being unpresidential.  

Trump's presidency is a learning curve

  The purpose of Trump’s foreign tour Is to fill a geography gap: Afterwards, there will be countries fewer He’s not able to find on a map.

Trump visits the centers of faith. The world holds its breath.

  Ahead Trump will visit the holiest sites; I assume he will be diplomatic. I pray he will not create any sound bites Like an  uncle confined in the attic.

President Snidely Whiplash Trump

  I imagine Trump  wore a black cape And looked evil in aspect and shape When he tweeted a threat So that Comey would sweat Over anything he said on tape.

Let's repeal and replace the Republicans!

  I can’t take my mind off the scene. The Rose Garden their chosen venue. The revenge they were serving was mean With the poor, old, and sick on the menu.

Sean Spicer has a bunny moment

  “Report: Sean Spicer Hid In Bushes After James Comey Firing”  []   The replies of Sean Spicer are rubbery; For  his style,  I have coined ‘flibber-flubbery’. When exposed on the lawn It was totally Sean To hightail and hide in the scrubbery.