On Trump's ubiquitous sour puss




Why doesn’t the president smile someĀ  more?

He glowers more often than grins.

Why so dyspeptic, ill-humored, and sore?

Does he fear he will show his three chins?


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  • He doesn't have much to smile about, and until we all bow down to him, as chef, maven and psycho demand we do, the narcissist won't.

    Are the 3 chins associated with manufacturing his clothing line? Or Ivanka's?

    Is his puss sour because he can't grab any, including Melania's?

    Finally, I'm more concerned about the weird circle things he does with his thumb and finger.May be an indication of a neurological disease. But since I told a fellow blogger (you know which one) that he shouldn't play lawyer, maybe I shouldn't play doctor until I graduate from the Pritzker School of Medicine. Considering that I never took Organic Chemistry 201, that will be a hard one for me to pull off.

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