Montana Republican body slams reporter a la Trump



Republican Greg Gianforte has won the special election for Montana’s open US House seat, CNN projects, defeating Democrat Rob Quist and capping off a whirlwind final 36 hours of the campaign that saw Gianforte being charged for allegedly assaulting a reporter”  []


In Montana, the GOP running for Congress

Roughed up a reporter and lit up a clamor.

Despite this he won and will now take a seat;

But if justice were served, it would be in the slammer.

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  • Montana is going to be Montana (the Dem was no progressive), but since charges are pending, he still may be in the slammer. As JJJr shows, there isn't immunity outside the Halls of Congress (Speech and Debate Clause).

    I wonder if this guy has the guts to take on Jesse The Body Ventura, or The Rock if he decides to become a politician..

  • BTW, I didn't want to tinkle on the Barbershop more, but my comment today resulted from some research inspired by today's Mother Goose and Grimm. My comment on the comic gave the alt right more credit than it deserved.

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