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Trump puts it in reverse

“‘NAFTA is the worst trade deal maybe ever signed anywhere, but certainly ever signed in this country,” Trump retorted to Hillary Clinton on Monday night, referring to the trade deal between the U.S., Mexico and Canada”  [ on Septembeer 27, 2016] “In an interview with CBS’s ‘Face the Nation’, Trump insisted that he was going... Read more »

Flynn: The monkey on Trump's back

  “A White House Executive Order signing event abruptly ended without Trump signing the executive orders after the president fled the room because a reporter asked him about Mike Flynn.”  []   At Executive Order debut, The press, at the back by design, Cries out for Trump’s  latest Flynn view; Which suggests it is not... Read more »

Mission: Coition

  “It may sound taboo, but one of the most popular questions fielded by astronauts is about sex in space. People wonder if somebody has already “done it” up there. If so, who and how? Many more wonder if it’s even possible. Some argue that it must have happened by now, what with all the... Read more »

Trump and his Italian connections

  “Unpopular orange blunt object of a President Donald Trump had a press conference with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni recently. It’s hard to screw up a press conference introduction but the wannabe tiny-handed model did just that. Through the ages your country has been a beacon of artistic and scientific achievement. That continues today. From... Read more »

His base blindly follows Pied Piper Trump

  96% of Trump voters polled Say they’d vote for him once more. Despite the bill of goods he’s sold And a golden spritz from a Russian whore.

Trump's stats so far

  As Trump comes to his 100-day mark, He has hit nothing out of the park. Of the things he’s been bragging About?  They are lagging, And it’s clear his bite’s less than his bark.  

Korean War 2.0?

  North Korea has Trump on the brink. It’s a case  of which madman will blink. Don’t expect any patience, Says Pence, with these Asians; But this Kool-Aid is  too hot to drink.

Alternate facts and unpredictability should not be served as policy

  What Trump says and does should be read like a fable. To tell us the truth is not something he’s able. If he’s sends off a missile With a warhead that’s fissile, It will come with dessert after clearing the table.  

Today is Tax Day. Still no Trump returns in sight

  It’s April 15 but nowhere to be seen Are his tax returns;  one of Trump’s promises. Like the rest of his vows it is down the latrine; So no wonder we are Doubting Thomases.  

Trump another Churchill? Sorry, no cigar.

  “Staffers who worked on the Trump campaign were reportedly told by the president himself that he wanted to look like Winston Churchill in photographs. Trump allegedly wanted to appear tougher in the media. In photographs, he usually scowls and squints.”  []   Trump likes to think he’s Winston Churchill Firm in purpose, wise, and... Read more »