Mission: Coition



“It may sound taboo, but one of the most popular questions fielded by astronauts is about sex in space. People wonder if somebody has already “done it” up there. If so, who and how? Many more wonder if it’s even possible. Some argue that it must have happened by now, what with all the coed crews journeying to space. Lots of speculation exists, but so far as anyone knows, on-orbit hookups haven’t happened.”   [John P. Millis @ thoughtco.com]

The astronauts wear heavy suits

But once in space they’re lighter.

So one day why won’t new recruits

Enjoy a long one-nighter?

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  • Considering the Mile High Club and the problems doing it in the toilet compartment, consider the confines of a space capsule and doing it in zero gs while battery operated ratchet wrenches are flying around. On the other hand, consider the rush. Without gravity, where would the blood flow go?

    The question has also been raised is that if there were a trip to Mars and this happened, whether the next generation would be left there to colonize the planet.

  • In reply to jack:

    Would one call the book on it, Comet Sutra?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Could be. Or maybe The Joy of [Elon] Musk.

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