Alternate facts and unpredictability should not be served as policy



What Trump says and does should be read like a fable.

To tell us the truth is not something he’s able.

If he’s sends off a missile

With a warhead that’s fissile,

It will come with dessert after clearing the table.



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  • I'm sure someone will suggest that Trump is deterring misbehavior by North Korea, Iran, Syria, China and Russia by being so irrational and unpredictable that they will avoid doing anything that may trigger one of his outbursts.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    It's worked for the Kim family since the time of Trapper John McIntyre. A little VX goes a long way.

    I was interested in the report that after the DPKR hacked Sony and a Bangladesh bank account, we might have hacked their missile..

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