When it comes to sensitive emails, Pence is a "Whited Sepulchre"




“Vice President Mike Pence used his personal AOL email account when he was governor of Indiana, which he used for public business matters, the IndyStar reports. Pence used the private account even when discussing sensitive matters, including issues of national security.”  [dailykos.com]


“Lock her up! Lock her Up! Trump did  say with much fervor.

Of Hillary Clinton and her private server.

But Pence, it is true,

Had a private one too.

‘Hypocritical’ says  the impartial observer.


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  • Pence is more a Sarah Palin type idiot. Since it was AOL, I bet he replied to Sec. Gen. Ban-Ki Moon about having found USD3.8 million in some account in Benin, but Pence gave him his personal bank account number. I bet he also replied to a similar email from James B. Comey and now is going to call him on the carpet if Comey doesn't cough up the USD4.6 million in reparations now in the ECOWAS Bank.

    But, generally speaking the hypocrisy is overwhelming, except the Wash Post (someone's favorite newspaper) is stewing over if what Sessions did before Sen. Franken was really perjury.

  • One difference between Pence and Clinton is that Pence's emails were hacked. Clinton's were never proven to be, in spite of all of the efforts of her critics.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    Seems more like he was phished (like any AOL user, as I indicated above). Anyway, I thought that one of the advantages of Clinton's server was that people didn't know about it to hack it, but it was claimed that some of the communications to it were not secure.

    What may be a similar issue that Pence claims everything is o.k. because after he left office lawyers searched his AOL to see if there were any official communications on it. I'm not going to speculate on whether that complies with the Indiana records statute, but it sure sounds like the same problem Hillary and Rahm got into.

  • In reply to jack:

    They got his contact list, which is a pretty threatening hack.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    Rereading the Indianapolis Star one, yes, it wasn't just that he got Filipino spam, but they used his account as a mail robot to send it to his contacts.

    The Star article has a good summary of the issues, including the FOIA one.

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