Trump looks at job growth through a self-serving prism


“We may assume President Trump is quite pleased with the strong jobs report from his first full month in office: He retweeted the Drudge Report’s triumphant ‘GREAT AGAIN’ framing of the numbers Friday morning, after touting employment figures released by payroll firm ADP earlier in the week.Not so long ago, however, Trump’s view of the monthly jobs report, which comes courtesy of the nonpartisan federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, was markedly different. As recently as December, he described the report as ‘totally fiction.'”  []


Under Obama job growth was quite stunning:

Three-quarter a hundred months straight.

Trump questioned how true were the numbers when running;

But now the good numbers are “Great!”




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  • Same liars figure as there always was. I remember about 5-1/2 years ago the Get Unemployed woman saying that she couldn't vote for Obama since not one job had been created since 2008, even though the trough was about 18 months later. She also claimed that she got people jobs, even though there weren't any. Supposedly according to alternative facts, there are still 40 million unemployed,so somebody's sons better do something to get them on the job rolls at minimum wage. Stopping making deals with China would be a start.

  • I think we have figured out the formula:

    All credit is Trump's; all fault is Obama's.

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