Paul Ryan's defense of the AHCA: Echoes of Ayn Rand



“Paul Ryan’s edict: CBO estimate showing millions losing insurance just a ‘beauty contest’” [  headline]



CBO, CBO, we doubt you.

We have our own figures to sell.

We’re going to go on without you;

And f…. all the people not well.


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  • Ha, a spicy one today. And sew true!

  • You're not being fair. Everyone faces cuts equally under the Trump/Ryan plan. The poor will see cuts to their insurance benefits; the rich will see cuts to their taxes. (Irony intended.)

  • Darn if I know whether more would purchase insurance one way or the other, but clearly the deficit savings is cutting down Medicaid,, and all governors are going to complain about that. I noted on HHH is my Hero what is going to happen if hospitals aren't reimbursed.

    I'm not going to make predictions any more, but it looks like Ryan's plan is close to being toast. You probably can get it in the :Lutheran General cafeteria for about $5.75/slice.

  • Sew well done, to borrow Kathy's spelling.

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