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A Lenten prayer for America

  In case you forgot it is Lent. When we sacrifice things and repent. I sincerely do pray We’re approaching the  day When we’ll give up our own president.

Steeling the XL pipeline: Just another Trump lie

“Despite President Donald Trump’s promises, it looks like the Keystone XL pipeline won’t have to be made out of American steel after all.”  []   Trump says he is good at the art of the deal. It is  after all at the core of his spiel. But we all realize That he deals in lies... Read more »

Understanding Trump's tweets with a little help from Hamlet

  “I am but mad north-north-west.”  [Hamlet, Act II Scene 2]   What we all should require is that Trump gets more rest. For a man of his age at least ten hours is best. If he got up at eight And the tweets had to wait, His thinking might not be so north by... Read more »

Paranoia 101: Trump accuses Obama of Executive eavesdropping

  “Citing no evidence to support his explosive allegation, Trump said in a series of five tweets sent Saturday morning that Obama was ‘wire tapping’ his New York offices before the election in a move he compared to McCarthyism. ‘Bad (or sick) guy!’  he said of his predecessor, adding that the surveillance resulted in ‘nothing found.'”  ... Read more »

In retaliation, Trump "photobombs" Senator Schumer

“We should start an immediate investigation into @SenSchumer and his ties to Russia and Putin. A total hypocrite!”  [Trump tweet]     On a visit to New York in 2003, Putin was photographed liberally. Now Trump in bad humor Is attacking Chuck Schumer For a picture with Putin the world did see.   “Schumer fired... Read more »

When it comes to sensitive emails, Pence is a "Whited Sepulchre"

    “Vice President Mike Pence used his personal AOL email account when he was governor of Indiana, which he used for public business matters, the IndyStar reports. Pence used the private account even when discussing sensitive matters, including issues of national security.”  []   “Lock her up! Lock her Up! Trump did  say with... Read more »

Next year SpaceX will fly two "Musketeers" to the Moon

  “The SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, revealed on Monday that two people have paid for a private mission around the moon, tentatively set for launch in 2018 with the private company’s yet untested Falcon Heavy rocket.”  []   If your wealth every day does balloon But your boredom increases in tune You can pay for... Read more »

During his address to Congress, Trump goes down the rabbit hole

  Trump addressed a joint session last night on TV. On  message he stayed more or less faithfully. The Republicans cheered While at back it appeared Were Alice’s friends Tweedledum, Tweedledee.