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Of Hoops and Hysteria

  It’s March and we’re apt to be fit for straightjackets. Fanatics at courtside make shockwaves and rackets. It seems that we all Have our eyes on the ball As we watch our teams fall in our brackets.   GO ‘NOVA!

Cut out the B.S., Mr. President. Show us your tax returns!

  Mr. Trump, it is clear, that you aren’t transparent. Your tax returns should be released. Stonewalling them has been plainly aberrant, And has only suspicions increased.

Paul Ryan's defense of the AHCA: Echoes of Ayn Rand

  “Paul Ryan’s edict: CBO estimate showing millions losing insurance just a ‘beauty contest’” [  headline]     CBO, CBO, we doubt you. We have our own figures to sell. We’re going to go on without you; And f…. all the people not well.

On Twitter Trump no longer thinks the brew of Morning Joe sustains him

  News item: Trump has unfollowed Morning Joe,  but  still reads the tweets of  Laura Ingraham, Piers Morgan, Geraldo Rivera, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Eric Bolling, Mark Burnett, Bill O’Reilly and Greta Van Susteren.   On Twitter Trump no longer follows Joe Scarborough, Mika, at dawn. But tracks the remarks of Piers Morgan, Mark Burnett,... Read more »

If Trump lied that Obama tapped his phones, he should be impeached

“The president cited zero sources and gave zero evidence for these earthshaking claims, and even his top aides were reportedly caught flat-footed by them. Then, he changed the subject from this allegedly momentous scandal he had just discovered to tweet about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s low ratings as host of The Apprentice. And then he headed out... Read more »

Attorney General Sessions cleans house

“Sean Hannity thinks President Donald Trump should fire all the ‘deep state, Obama holdover’ government bureaucrats, because many are ‘hellbent’ on destroying his presidency.”  []     “U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions abruptly asked the remaining 46 chief federal prosecutors left over from the Obama administration to resign on Friday, including Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet... Read more »

Trump looks at job growth through a self-serving prism

“We may assume President Trump is quite pleased with the strong jobs report from his first full month in office: He retweeted the Drudge Report’s triumphant ‘GREAT AGAIN’ framing of the numbers Friday morning, after touting employment figures released by payroll firm ADP earlier in the week.Not so long ago, however, Trump’s view of the monthly jobs report,... Read more »

On sharing a meal with President Trump: Meh

“Want to have dinner with President Trump? We’re sending a lucky conservative (and their friend) to the annual March Dinner contest to dine with the president.”  [email I received from]   A great opportunity’s coming my way: A dinner with Trump. If a ten-spot I pay And my name they should pick. But a... Read more »

Trump in the Land of Oz

“122 vicious prisoners, released by the Obama Administration from Gitmo, have returned to the battlefield. Just another terrible decision!”  [Trump tweet]  “…according to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, 113 of the 122 former detainees who have re-engaged in terrorism were released before January 2009, when former President Barack Obama took office.”  []... Read more »

Happy 70th Birthday, Citizen Rob Reiner

  Happy Birthday, Rob Reiner. Few directors are finer. But what’s more impressive Is that you’re  progressive; And of both a successful combiner.