Ivanka gets a seat in the situation room




Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, resides in the White House.

As the Ship of State founders we hope she’s a lighthouse.

But security clearance

And plain interference

Should indicate to us this isn’t her right house.


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  • On the other hand, she seems to be the only one in that collection of misfits that seems to have a shred of sanity. Her psychotic father going off on how the Dems are to blame for the AHCA being pulled shows that he doesn't have any.

    More interesting is that part of the demolition of the government is that Jared (who seems related to someone) is blocking all the deputy cabinet picks of the cabinet secretaries that were nominated but not trusted by the nominators.

    In the meantime, Sneed reports that Ivana "Tinkle" Winklemeyer is coming to Chicago, something her ex-husband does not have the courage to do.

  • She may not belong in the White House, but how else is a poor working girl going to get the publicity for her line of clothing and accessories?

  • In reply to jnorto:

    Except it became bad publicity when the Chinese flammable fabrics problem came out and Nordstrom's discontinued her line.

    However, this indicates that it is still available at such "high class" places as TJ Maxx and Overstock. I guess I'll have to run down to Bed Bath and Beyond to get her diaper bag, but I bet it is hidden behind all the Lori Greiner Simply Fit Boards and the ever stylish Cathy Mitchell's copper pans.

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