In the garden with Ruth Stout, naturally



“When she died at ate 96, she was still gardening. For a glimpse of that, watch Arthur Mokin’s 23-minute documentary on YouTube, ‘Ruth Stout’s Garden.’ You see her at 92, planting potatoes she has just brought up from winter storage, with long white sprouts. She rakes away the mulch, tosses them on the ground and puts the mulch back. Done! She is wearing a housewife-y dress and cardigan, her usual garden outfit, but describes to the camera her former daily habit of gardening in the nude. ‘I’ve always loved the air on my body.'”   [Barbara Damrosch, “Gardening with Gumption”  in today’s Tribune Life Style section]


You may never have heard of the gardener Ruth Stout

Who  discovered the value of mulch spread about.

From age 44

As she planted she wore

What the lilies in fields every day do without.



“And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin.”  Matthew 6:28


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  • Last paragraph: What about cottonwood trees? Or spider webs in the bushes, or mildew?

  • What a wonderful post. I admire her gumption, but I have to wear big shirts and pants with lots of pockets--and sneakers...

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