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Looking backward: Trump's journey

  To the White House, Trump took the low road. With his  bigotry dealt out in code. On the way,  we have read lines Of tweets making headlines To the point of  severe overload.

A Trump in a poke?

“5 Reasons Everyone Should Stop Calling Donald Trump a Pig”  [Laura Goldman at] Our president with orange wig Is very often called a pig. But this is callous and purblind And  in its essence so unkind. So let me straighten out this matter: This is an insult to the latter.    

Is Kevin Nunes a clandestine acolyte of Trump?

  Who was Chairman Nunes’s source? It’s time he gets off his high horse. But if Trump were his god, It wouldn’t be odd That he’d  show him  obeisance  of course.  

In the garden with Ruth Stout, naturally

  “When she died at ate 96, she was still gardening. For a glimpse of that, watch Arthur Mokin’s 23-minute documentary on YouTube, ‘Ruth Stout’s Garden.’ You see her at 92, planting potatoes she has just brought up from winter storage, with long white sprouts. She rakes away the mulch, tosses them on the ground... Read more »

Ivanka gets a seat in the situation room

    Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, resides in the White House. As the Ship of State founders we hope she’s a lighthouse. But security clearance And plain interference Should indicate to us this isn’t her right house.

For Tillerson, domestic peace underlies foreign policy

“Rex Tillerson: ‘I didn’t want this job … my wife told me I’m supposed to do this'”   []   Rex, I want you to be Secretary of State; The dinners, alone, would be grand, said his mate. You’re used to go global When at Exxon-Mobil, So why, if Trump calls, and you love me, debate?

Neil Gorsuch thru the lens of Shakespeare

  “Questioned by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), the ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Gorsuch promised to uphold the law as it is written.”    []   This distinction Judge Gorsuch does rigidly draw: No matter who suffers, the law is the law. Like so in the play, Portia gave Shylock sway O’er Antonio’s flesh... Read more »

Trump's credibility not worth a penny or a Euro cent

  Of our President allies are wary; His decisions to them odd and scary. They are fit to be tied That he’s so often lied And is so uninformed and contrary.       ‘

Angela shows Donald real leadership

  Trump will never do what is essential; Take his meeting with Chancellor Merkel. To expect him to act presidential Is the equal of squaring the circle.

Venus takes a powder: A triolet

  “Venus typically passes north or south of the Sun’s disc at inferior conjunction, transitioning from the evening to morning sky. On March 25, the planet passes well north of the Sun and early risers may like the challenge of trying to spot it in the morning sky before sunrise. ”   []   Say... Read more »