Trump turns away Turnbull, the Aussie Prime Minister



Trump talked on the phone with Australia’s P.M.

At whom, leaks report,  he did actually scream.

Now relations Down Under

May be torn asunder

And koalas and  kangaroos court a new team.




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  • I thought Trump told Billy Bush that he grabbed down under, especially in the aboriginal bush. But Rex Tillerson will straighten this out, or tap it.

    More seriously, someone in the fitness center locker room said yesterday that Trump will start a war if things don't go well. Aside from Bill Clinton and George W. Bush having done that,I don't think he was contemplating civil war, which seems to have started at UC Berkeley last night. I don't know if the Second Amendment encompasses Molotov cocktails (which would seem to be something Chef would serve to his master, Putin), but it seems like the far left anarchists are gunning for the far right anarchists. Milo the Schmuck might say he's defying political correctness on campus, but like his chicken bleep followers Trump (who won't appear in Chicago, and now in Milwaukee) and Chef, doesn't have the courage to do it, and, instead rallies his spammers from his basement.

  • Very, very funny. Love it.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    I assume you mean only the first paragraph.

  • O, yes. The rest is mind-boggling and frightening.

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